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WARNING: Disturbing Image In This Post.


By Emmanuelle Landais, Staff ReporterPublished: July 04, 2007, 00:00

Dubai: The corpse of a dog found hanging from a residential window in Satwa on Monday evening was removed following a call from Gulf News, more than 18 hours later after it was first noticed.
Residents from the neighbourhood either feigned ignorance or apathy when questioned about the dog which was found in the back alley of single storey houses by a passerby.
The owners of the dog have not yet been identified, but a resident said he believes the animal was the pet of a family that lives close by.
"It is a small yellow dog. It belongs to a girl. She lives here with her family. I don't know where they are," he said.
Gulf News knocked on the supposed owner's door, but no one answered.

Barbaric act

No complaints had been made to the Dubai Municipality's Veterinary Services yesterday until Gulf News informed the department about the dead animal left in a public area.
Within 30 minutes the municipality dispatched a team and the dog was cut down by waste disposal workers. They said the body would be taken to either Al Awir or Al Ghusais tip.
Jackie Radcliffe from K9 Friends called the act "barbaric" and said laws are needed to make examples of people who treat animals in this way.
"We have seen a few dogs that have been strung up and it's usually done by kids. It's really time we had a hotline number to report these things and laws to hold somebody accountable. Where are the laws? Who do we contact?" she said.
According to an official from the animal welfare department at the Ministry of Environment and Water, an animal welfare law is in its final stages but has not yet come into effect. "The law has been drafted and approved but we are still waiting for it to be effective," he said.
He said that any case of animal cruelty would be sent to the police and the accident would be registered and investigated. He said the penalty would either be financial or a prison sentence.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Europe Director, Poorva Joshipura, said residents of Satwa should be concerned. "According to leading mental health professionals and the police, perpetrators of violent acts against animals are often repeat offenders who pose a serious threat not only to other animals but to the community as a whole," she said.

WARNING: the following image is very disturbing...

Karl Jeffs/Gulf News

A small dog, probably a puppy, was left hanging by its leash outside a villa in Satwa. Gulf News called Dubai Municipality which promptly arrived to dispose of the animal.


CAUTION: Beware of What You Eat!!!

Mama read a very disturbing article on msn today, we just want to make sure that everyone reads it because this is a very serious issue.
95 brands of dog and cat food may be contaminated with a chemical that was once used as rat poison...Pebbles from California has sadly died because of this horrible mistake, and many others may have died due to the same reason!

Please read the following links for all the information on this sad and scary issue.

Rat Poison in Pet Food Blamed for 17 Deaths

A Look At Recalled Pet Food Brands

MENU FOODS: Recalled Product Info and Hot-line


one for the dogs...

kids help out k9 friends

here's the story over @ gulfnews.com: Dogs' Best Friend


Back On-line but...Sad News

K9 Friends is being evicted from their warehouse location in Al Quoz, Dubai...they need to find homes for over 100 doggies, otherwise some of them will have to be 'put down'...we met some of those doggies at the Pet Show last month and they are really cute and nice...this is such sad news...I wanted to help by spreading the word so that hopefully some one who reads this will either adopt a doggie or help K9 Friends with finding a new location for their shelter...
here is an article you can read @ emirates today
and another with interesting feed back @ 7days
regarding this topic.


say a little prayer...

A Prayer for Animals
Hear our humble prayer,O God,for our friends, the animals,especially for those who are suffering;for any that are lost or deserted or frightened or hungry.We entreat for them allThy mercy and pity, and for those who deal with them, we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words. Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.
Albert Schweitzer
**found it here**


home made food

here is a link to one of my favorite sites: pet-grub.com...lu uses it to make all kinds of yummy food here at home for me and sicau and nikkita...we <3 it!


hey guys buci and lu found out some really cool news yesterday...the dubailand theme park which will be twice as big as walt disney world, when completed, is going to have an area called 'pet land' in the 'eco-tourism world'. click here if you wanna find out more about the dubailand project, its really cool...i hope, i hope, i hope pet land really does get built and that pets can hang out there whenever they want! :P


my frappr map :)

hey friends and visitors, scroll down and check out my new frappr map @ the bottom of my page! hope you leave a comment for me, and upload a picture as well if you have the time...
thanks for stopping by! :)

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